Hi, Charles the Butler,

I’m due to have my first baby in a few weeks. It’s the first baby in our family for the past 25 years, so I understand that everyone is excited. However, all of my out-of-town family is now planning to visit for the birth and for the weeks following. How do I tell them I’m more than happy that they all want to be here with me at such a special time, but that I need privacy for a few weeks to get adjusted to all of this?

Wanting Alone Time With My Baby

Dear Wanting,

The birth of a new baby is an exciting event across all cultures and amongst all generations. Your somewhat overzealous family, however, is causing you anxiety and the baby has yet to even arrive.

I think this is a job for the father-to-be to make some good-natured telephone calls. He should say how excited you both are at their interest and support, but that until the birth has happened and everything is happy and healthy and settled, we are asking that everyone please show some patience before we start booking visits.

The only person I think you should have in your home, other than your husband and new baby, is both of your respective mothers who may be eager to help. Their assistance will likely allow you to get some much-needed sleep. Don’t let other family members guilt you into letting them come before they

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