Colin McConne/Torstar News Service


Model Serinda Swan entered the Guess contest at the last minute on a whim and was one of four chosen.


Everyone will be asking Serinda Swan for the time. Swan has accumulated five or six Guess watches as one of the four winners of the Guess watches Faces to Watch Model Search. The Vancouver native was chosen out of 75,000 global applicants in more than 70 countries (1,350 in Canada) and will star with three others, two males and another female model (there was a tie in both female and male categories) in the holiday ad campaign to be shot next month in Los Angeles.

She is an actor/model and the only Canadian. There is Darina of Russia, Samuele of Italy and Christiaan of Holland. Guaranteed, Swan is the only Serinda among the contestants, who didn’t necessarily have to be professional models.

She was named Serinda after an ancient Tibetan instrument.

“It is a wind instrument like a flute,” Swan explains during an interview at the Guess store at Yonge and Dundas. “But I’ve never tracked one down.” Where her parents by any chance hippies?

“Yes,” she laughs. “My dad is a director and my mom was a hippie. My sister is Ariel, named after a character in Shakespeare.”

The requisites for the Guess Face were “a natural sexiness, an original look and an element of adventure.” Swan has all of the above and an extra pair of pants. She is gorgeous, only 22 but incredibly well-spoken and self-possessed.

When she heard that she’d beaten out 74,997 applicants, her reaction was, “Ohmigosh, are you serious?”

There is an improbable fairy godmother aspect to her win. Swan never set out to enter the contest. It was serendipitous. “I am a Guess shopper,” she swears. “I was in the store one day and I bought jeans and a T-shirt and this salesperson gave me an application. I’m a shopaholic. I came back the next week and she gave me another one. I didn’t think much of it and both of them sat on my counter in the kitchen till the last day. I called my boyfriend (Michael, a real estate agent) and said, ‘Stick one in an envelope and send it off.’”