SEATTLE - Chicago White Sox general manager Ken Williams is done talking about his US$56 jaywalking ticket courtesy of Seattle police. His manager, Ozzie Guillen, was still getting a chuckle out of it.

The always quotable Guillen said on Tuesday that he wants to try and get a jaywalking ticket from the local police, a day after Williams was nabbed outside of Safeco Field.

"I want to get one. I want to walk around on purpose and see if they can give me (one)," Guillen said. "I want to frame that thing."

While Guillen was having fun at his GM's expense, he also expressed respect for the laws of the city and said even visitors must respect and abide by the local rules.

"It's something that you have to be aware (of). Kenny is not the only one," Guillen said. "It's kind of weird, but it is what it is."

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