A gun that became part of cop-hater James Roszko’s small arsenal in an ambush was wiped clean and put into a bag by two men accused of assisting him in the murder of four Mounties.

That was one piece of evidence from a court-agreed statement of facts that led to Shawn Hennessey, 29, and Dennis Cheeseman, 25, quietly admitting their part in the brutal 2005 murders, in a jam-packed courtroom yesterday morning.

The pair pleaded guilty to four counts of manslaughter in the deaths of the officers, who were raiding Roszko’s Mayerthorpe-area marijuana grow-op on March 3, 2005, before the gunman opened fire.

The brothers-in-law were initially charged with first-degree murder after their arrests in July 2007, but agreed to plead to lesser charges. New details in the investig­ation were revealed yesterday. DNA evidence found in a glove on Ros­z­ko’s farm after the mass­acre, and registry records confirmed one of the fire­arms used belo­nged to Hennessey, and the pair admitted giving Roszko a ride to his farm after the incident.

After killing the offic­ers, Roszko turned the gun on himself.

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