Re: “With effort, gun control can always work,” July 25:




Walking to work yesterday morning I was pondering, not for the first time over the past few days, the claim often made by conservative thinkers that a ban on handguns would be useless.


Then I sat down, opened Metro and Lisi Tesher was writing about this issue.


The argument is generally accompanied by statistics about violent deaths in cities where guns were banned — numbers support the claim this measure doesn’t work since guns can enter illegally.

Sounds logical, definitive and undeniable. So, let’s not deny it. But how about some original thinking, for a change?

Also demonstrable is the fact that any given experiment (social or otherwise) will bear different results in different areas. There are many factors that come into play to form a social context: Population, wealth and its distribution, the presence or absence of a sense of community, as well as many other things.

Politicians at all levels should read, or re-read, Jane Jacobs and others on what makes ideas work or fail in urban areas, and start thinking creatively for a change.