An Alberta man who shot a toddler in a drive-by attack will spend the next nine years in prison.

Christopher Crane was sentenced to six years for aggravated assault and six years for an armed robbery that happened before the shooting, less time already served in prison awaiting trial.

Crane was charged after Asia Saddleback, then just 23 months old, was shot through the wall of her house on the Samson Cree First Nation, near Hobbema, on April 13, 2008.

Crane fired one shot at the home in what he said was an attempt to intimidate rival gang members.

The bullet hit Saddleback in the abdomen while she sat in the kitchen, and lodged between the toddler’s liver and spine. The three-year-old has since recovered but the bullet remains in her body.

Crane told a sentencing hearing in January that he was drinking and doing drugs between his 18th birthday and the day he fired a shot from a sawed-off rifle that went through the wall of a home belonging to Saddleback’s grandfather.

He told the court that he had been doing drugs before he was even a teenager and dropped out of school in Grade 7.

A psychologist testified at the hearing in January that Crane is a moderate risk to reoffend. The Crown had asked for significant jail time, while the defence suggested a sentence of time already served in custody, followed by probation.