It was easy to see Michael Mailman is a breast man: he wore a giant pillow shaped like a breast during yesterday’s Run for the Cure.

“They bid on me to do this today,” he said. “Our team raised over $10,000.”

Mailman said he wasn’t getting a lot of comments from the other 8,500 participants, just a lot of finger pointing.

And he wasn’t the only guy getting into the spirit either: the boy’s hockey team from Lockview High School wore pink ribbons in their hair and many sported pink face paint.

“I know a lot of guys on the team who have grandmothers, mothers (who have breast cancer),” said Cameron Tucker, a member of the team.

The other runners love to see them, said teammate Nick Watson, and sometimes they get asked for a picture.

“If we had pink jerseys, we’d wear them,” Tucker said, pointing to his black team jersey.

Jan Blades ran for seven people she knows — friends and family — who have or had the disease.

“I couldn’t not be here,” she said.