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Canada Line workers do preparatory track work on the elevated Richmond guideway.

The GVRD is voting on a $1-million TransLink feasibility study tomorrow that examines extending the Millennium Line from Commercial Drive out to UBC. One local mayor said it’s queue jumping and a bad omen.

The study is part of TransLink’s 2008 transportation and financial plan. Among other things, it examines technologies, alignment and alternatives for extending rapid transit along the Broadway corridor to UBC.

Roughly 130,000 people ride the Expo Line and another 70,000 the Millennium Line.

“Broadway has the highest transit ridership in the province,” said Vancouver Coun. Peter Ladner.

“We’d like to see it ultimately end at UBC, which is the second highest transit destination in B.C.”

But Burnaby Mayor Derrick Corrigan said the study ignores that the region’s transportation needs will lead to further clogging of Vancouver’s transit arteries.

“Vancouver was successful in having the RAV line jump the queue and replace the north-east sector, so I guess they figure they can go to the well twice,” said Corrigan.

Other local mayors should be leery, said Corrigan.

“Many of them (mayors) have been building density based on getting a light rapid transit line,” he said. “The alternative is those people will drive cars through Burnaby and Coquitlam into Vancouver.”

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