Paul Hawthorne/Associated Press


Gwen Stefani, creative director of L.A.M.B., during the line’s spring 2007 show in New York. Below: Caption: looks from L.A.M.B.’s spring 2007 show, during New York’s fashion week.

Every second week, another celebrity seems to try their hand at some kind of fashion-related venture.

Admittedly, some of those efforts go on to do well commercially (read: celeb perfumes), but few garner any critical acclaim — and plenty of them are just aesthetic train wrecks.

Despite all that, we remain intrigued by the foray of pop superstar Gwen Stefani into the fashion world. Her L.A.M.B. line just staged its second big-time runway show as part of New York’s fashion week, and while (judging by the hype-meter, at least) it doesn’t seem to have made the critical radar, you could still argue that it’s got a strong personality shining through, and that its more toned-down vibe (via the Rasta-garden party tone of her spring ‘06 collection) augers well for the line’s longevity.

“Instead of the juniorish clothes she offered last year, there was more of a ladylike look in this collection. One group had a country club feel —- complete with a white tennis skirt — while another was more of a safari style,” wrote the Associated Press.

“And a great gold trench coat hit on two of the season’s top trends: metallics and dressy coats. Stefani also debuted her new accessories line, which was surprisingly understated and sophisticated — with barely a logo in sight.”

Stefani was apparently inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s look in Scarface (which explains the blond wigs on the models).

And she told MTV News that “(I) always have that Jamaican 1970s rude boy [look] in there. And there are scenes from some international, global-print inspirations as well. There were some old vintage men’s kimonos that we got some of the prints from, and we always add in an animal print, so this time there was a mama cheetah and a baby cheetah. And just trims from India and stuff from Guatemala and stripes.”