Used to be, a guy could hit the gym with nothing more than an old pair of Keds, a ratty T-shirt and a can of Axe.


The pared-down aesthetic is timeless for guys, but even unmetrosexual men can benefit from a few gym-bag perks.


1. A little too enthusiastic with the deadlifts? Get some heat on those aching muscles with JR Watkins liniment ($11.99, Shoppers Drug Mart) containing camphor and capsicum, which calm pain by muting the “screams” of your poor, stressed nerve endings.

2. Body Shop DeoDry Deodorant Stick in Cool & Zesty ($8, The Body Shop), uses natural volcanic mineral to absorb water and keep you dry for 24 hours. As a bonus, it’s crisp and clean, not like those generic, industry-standard scents that all smell like teenage body spray.

3. A separate shampoo and body wash? That’s not going to happen — too many bottles. Gillette Gentle Clean Shampoo and Body Wash 2-in-1 ($6, drugstores) gives you clean hair and a clean body. Simple.

4. Stash these miniature deodorizers (Sneaker Balls $6, Sport Chek) in the bottom of your gym bag or slip them into your shoes after a workout. The tiny soccer balls will keep bad smells at bay long after your World Cup-sized workout is over.

5. Buy a Bodylogix product and you’ll also receive a PIN code for online access to trainers and nutritionists who’ll create customized workout and diet plans to meet your goals. Bodylogix Thermogenesis capsules ($30, exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart) accelerate fat-burning to help you get the most out of your workout.

6. Literally space-age technology, the fabric for the Tilley Outlast T-shirt ($49, was designed by NASA to stay cool when you heat up. And, conversely, to keep you warm when it’s cool.

7. Time your circuits through weight stations with this rugged Swatch Mister Chrono ($135, for stores) with a timing feature, easy-to-read dials and a rugged rubber strap.