Scientists at one of the world’s leading climate research organizations have been accused of manipulating data to support the theory of man-made global warming after hundreds of their e-mails were hacked and published online.

The Climate Research Unit at the U.K.’s University of East Anglia confirmed that the e-mails had been taken from a server.

The e-mails have been pounced on by skeptics as evidence that much of the notion of man-made climate change is a scam.


One of the e-mails is alleged to have been written by the CRU’s professor Phil Jones. In it, he says he is so worried about a Freedom of Information request to see data he had used to support man-made warming that he is contemplating manipulating data and removing other awkward figures to make the research fit his conclusions.

In another e-mail said to have come from Jones, he says he has used a “trick”, previously used by someone called Mike in an article for the Journal nature, to manipulate date to ‘hide the decline’ in global temperatures, as this did not fit the required narrative of man-made global warming.

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