KFC defends treatment of chickens



PETA members, from left, Allison Clark, Nicole Matthews and Kelly Bergen protest KFC’s alleged mistreatment of chickens outside their Davie Street restaurant yesterday.

Semi-naked animal rights activists turned heads and slowed traffic yesterday as they protested in front of a KFC, which they said treats chickens inhumanely — a charge the restaurant denies.

Three members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals marched in front of the restaurant on Davie Street wrapped in a banner reading "The Naked Truth: KFC Tortures Chickens" and handed out pamphlets to passersby.

"We’re asking the people of Vancouver to consider the cruelty that goes into every bucket of KFC chicken," said PETA Activist Liason Nicole Matthews. "Birds are being bred and drugged to grow so big and thick that their tops actually cause their legs to collapse from under them."

Passerby Soleil Aellen supported PETA’s cause and said that their tactic was effectively eye-catching.

"I think they’re doing a good thing," she said. "Sex sells these days so they’re definitely catching a lot of people’s attention."

In an e-mail to Metro, KFC defended its treatment of animals.

"PETA member Nicole Matthews … is representing a U.S.-based organization that does not fully understand the Canadian poultry industry," it said. "KFC Canada buys chickens from the same government regulated farms and food processors that supply Canada’s leading grocery stores and restaurants."

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