More than half of all employees with the Edmonton Police Service who responded to a survey on work satisfaction say they have “seriously considered” quitting in the past year, according to a new report.

Meyers Norris Penny LLP completed the 58-page report, commissioned by the Edmonton Police Service, in December.

“Workplace morale was the primary consideration for leaving, followed by pay, work-life balance, other job opportunities and career development opportunities,” cited the report.

About 46 per cent of sworn-in employees of the Edmonton Police Service said they were dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied with workplace morale and 41 per cent felt the same about their benefits.

And of the 51 per cent of the responding employees who said they were seriously considered quitting their jobs in the last 12 months, 69 per cent said low morale in the service was a factor.

Police spokesman Dean Parthenis says the service will be following up with all of the concerns revealed in the survey.

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