This week, it’s all about the hockey! Halifax has welcomed the world and it’s so cool to see hockey fans of all stripes enjoying the hospitality we have to offer. The World Men’s Hockey Championship started Friday with team Slovenia taking on the Canadians in their first game.

A tailgate party was in order so it was off to The Alehouse for a pre-game rally to get the fans in the mood. Once that wrapped up, the ticket holders moved on to see Canada get their first win of the tournament. But that didn’t mean the party was over, as things at the Alehouse moved seamlessly into the monthly Give’R, held a week later than normal so that folks in town for some world-class hockey could also experience some world-class networking. I found a bevy of beauties upstairs hiding from the hockey and another group downstairs who were introduced to me as the new Molson Girls. It’s gonna be a great summer!

There was just enough time to slip out and catch some culture at Symphony Nova Scotia’s annual Beer and Beethoven fundraiser. For the last 16 years the symphony has been performing in a relaxed atmosphere and a casual setting for all to enjoy over a beer or two. Among the flowing suds, I spotted Trailer Park Boy, Robb Wells enjoying music his alter ego Ricky wouldn’t be caught dead listening to! The evening has become such a success over the years, it’s been expanded to cover two nights and packs the expansive Cunard Centre.


This was an extra busy Friday night, since after a little Ninth Symphony it was back downtown to the Palace for a Sloan symphony. The Halifax band was back home for a private show as a part of the World Hockey Championship. The invitation only concert was jam-packed. Another private bash this week features Thornley.

Saturday was all about music my style with a show from the gang at Classic Albums Live. These amazing musicians roll into town every few months and tackle another classic rock album. They perform the album like a symphony, note for note and cut for cut. If you close your eyes, you’d swear the album was on the turntable. In the past they’ve tackled albums like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors and Led Zeppelin II, but this time it was the big boys. The Beatles classic Abbey Road, a subject I know a few things about! The show was nothing short of outstanding and instrumentally perfect. The hecklers shouting out song requests were an added bonus, as was the gentleman sitting behind me who knew the words to every song. A splendid time was had by all!

By the time I arrived at the Progress Club’s Big Spring Auction, I suddenly felt woefully underdressed in my Beatles T-shirt. The rest of the crowd at The Westin was decked out in black tie. Thinking I could quietly slip in and take a few pictures, imagine my surprise to see my own boss at one of the tables! Yikes!

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