The death of a partially-clad 44-year-old man found lying on the ground by a passerby in a Halifax neighbourhood over the weekend is being treated as a homicide

Halifax Regional Police were called to 7051 Abbott St. near the Halifax Shopping Centre shortly after 10 p.m. on Saturday. Police say Timothy John Kelly was suffering from multiple wounds, and was found lying on the ground, reportedly on the sidewalk in front of the home.

He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.


What appears to be a bullet hole could be seen through the side door of the festively decorated home yesterday, but it wasn’t known if was it related to the incident, police say.

“We have no witness to the incident right now, so we can’t confirm that this is new damage and is related to the incident,” said police spokesman Const. Brian Palmeter.

Spots of what looked like blood could also be seen leading towards the home.

Palmeter said an autopsy will be conducted to confirm the cause of death, but investigators are treating it as a murder.

“At this time, we have no idea the motive behind the incident,” he said, adding there are no suspects.

Nathan Banks, who lives a few houses down from where the body was found, said he didn’t know the man, but often saw him outside doing lawn work.

“It’s a really sad thing to happen in the community,” Banks said on his front doorstep. “This is a really nice neighborhood and it is unusual for this to happen.”

Yvonne Deyoung said she was decorating her Christmas tree last evening when a police officer knocked on her door around 11 p.m. Deyoung said she didn’t hear anything unusual.

Another neighbor, who asked not to be named, said cops had visited the residence where the body was found during the summer.

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