Halle Berry has several reasons to stay at home: A one-year-old baby, a hot boyfriend and celebrity that makes being in public uncomfortable, people.com reports.

Admitting her guiltiest pleasure to May’s Harper’s Bazaar, the Oscar winner, 42, says her current addiction is “very boring, but I buy baby clothes online. Nahla can’t wear all the clothes I’ve bought, and we don’t go anywhere because I can’t deal with the paparazzi.”

On the overstuffed closets for the baby, boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey is sympathetic — though only up to a point.

“Gabriel’s always like, ‘She doesn’t even leave the house! Halle, you’ve got to stop,’” says Berry.

Still, he clearly has other advantages, and they’re helping keep Berry at home, too. “I have a 33-year-old man. That’ll keep your mojo mojo in,” she declares.