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'Halloween or Williamsburg': Stop sending this to us

Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it.

Here are Metro.us, we often try to create original viral content that our readers will enjoy. There are two ways of doing this: One is to trick them into coming to our site through crafty search engine optimization techniques, the other is to trick them into telling their friends to come to our site by getting them to spread links on social networks. Generally we prefer the second one -- until this week, when we came upon a web site seemingly engineered solely to be shared on Facebook. That's right: we're taking aim at you, Halloween or Williamsburg?

For the unfamiliar, the novelty tumblr takes pictures of people from in around the hip Brooklyn neighborhood and asks the question: Is the subject dressing up for Halloween, or is this how they dress normally? This is of course catnip to the Internet denizens of the east coast, who simply cannot get enough of making fun of "hipsters."

Yes, the pictures are funny. But there's something unseemly about how quickly any hipster-baiting meme on the Internet spreads like wildfire on Twitter and Facebook, how keen everyone is to re-post it on their walls and say "Look at these idiots." Even if the subjects are idiots -- and in this case, again, they may very well be -- it's depressing that the only thing that unites the disparate multitude of Internet subcultures is railing on people with the nerve to dress in a way that calls attention to themselves. First they came for the hipsters, and I didn't speak out for I was not a hipster, and so on.

In other words: Stop hating on hipsters. It's so three years ago.

In other, other words, we are probably just jealous.

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