Group broke away from church over same-sex unions

Breakaway Anglicans who voted over the weekend to split with the national church over same-sex marriage are being asked to hand over the keys to their church or face legal action to have them removed from the property.

"If they don’t turn in the keys, we are planning to go and physically try to take possession of the parishes by showing up and asking them for the keys," Rev. Dr. Richard Jones, secretary of synod for the Anglican church’s Niagara diocese, told the Toronto Star.


Parishioners at seven churches in Ontario and British Columbia have voted to split from the national church in the past week, including two in the Niagara diocese. The Niagara diocese is home to a leading church in the conservative Anglican movement in Canada, St. George’s in Lowville, which voted Sunday to leave the national church.

property in trust

  • Under church law, Jones said, local parishes hold their property in trust for the local diocese. Once they break with the church, they can no longer be trustees of its property, he said.

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