The seventh-generation Accord is bigger inside and out, fuel efficient, better built and more technologically advanced.


With its newest generation sedan, Honda has outdone itself again. Not only is the seventh-generation Accord bigger inside and out, more powerful yet fuel efficient, cleaner burning, better built and more technologically advanced, it must be regarded as one of the handsomest designs on the road, no matter the price category.

The mid-size Accord has consistently been Honda’s second-highest volume model after the smaller Civic, probably because it offers plenty of variety. It comes with four- and six-cylinder engine choices and in base LX, mid-range EX and top-line EX-L trim levels.

On the road, the Accord adeptly cushions road irregularities with noticeable harshness, accelerates briskly with perceptible vibration or undue noise, and steers accurately without feeling over-boosted or isolated from the road.

Drivers and passengers of all sizes can find a wide range of seat adjustments, padded in all the right areas to comfortably keep them in place, even when twisty roads beckon the enthusiastic chauffeur.

Four engines are offered in the 2008 Accord: A pair of inline four-cylinder units and two V6 engines, all driving the front wheels.

Powering the $25,090 base LX model is a 2.4-litre “four” generating 177 horsepower. That’s a six per cent gain over the ’07 Accord. A more powerful 190 hp “four” comes standard in the $27,490 EX and $29,890 EX-L trim levels. Both engines meet stringent ULEV-2 emission standards and run on regular fuel. The transmission choices with the four-cylinder powerplants include a standard five-speed manual or optional five-speed automatic.

Step up from the four-cylinder engines to the $31,690 EX-V6 and $34,990 EX-L V6 models and there’s not only a 24-hp increase from last year’s version — at 268 hp it’s the most output ever for any Accord — but also Honda’s Variable Cylinder Management system, which, depending on driving conditions, seamlessly operates on three, four or all six cylinders to boost fuel economy or power as needed. The V6 models offer as standard the five-speed automatic transmission with grade logic control to minimize “hunting” for the proper gear in hilly terrain.

The Accord’s interior design, besides being roomy in every dimension — the body is 7.6 cm longer, 2.8 cm wider and 2.3 cm taller than the ’07 model — is cleanly laid out and pleasing to the eye with all switches and controls easily accessible to the driver.

For years Honda has been battling Toyota over who builds a better mid-size sedan, and though the domestics (and others) are offering compelling alternatives now, the Marysville, Ohio-built Accord is still among the crème de la crème.

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