Calgary police Chief Rick Hanson commented Tuesday on a court decision to deny bail to three men who face attempted several charges in relation to a gang shooting last Novermber.

"We look at that as a very favourable decision, I mean these are three people who are charged with a very serious crime, and now to have them detained in custody, certainly assists us in the efforts that we're taking to control the gang violence that's out there."

David Chow, the lawyer representing two of the accused men said that he's concerned about how the media attention that gang violence is getting could impact the justice system.

"Where we need to be cautious is importing some of these emotional responses to some of the tragic events, bringing them into the court and basically abandoning the principles by which we live by."

All involved in the case will be back in court on Friday to disuss the mode of trial, it could be heard by a Queen's Bench judge or jury or by the Provincial Court.

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