David Beckham didn’t get his wife, Victoria Beckham, any ordinary anniversary gift to celebrate 10 years of marriage: He got a tattoo, people.com reports.

“Yeah, I (got) 10 roses around my arms,” the 34-year-old soccer star told Ellen DeGeneres.
DeGeneres then wondered aloud if Beckham ever thinks about “getting a tattoo of me anywhere on your body.” He replied: “I’m very tempted.”

As for how he and Victoria, 35, keep their marriage fresh after 10 years and three kids, he said, “We always try to do special things. It’s not always about buying gifts for each other. We just make sure that we spend time together or go for dinner together and do special things.”

One of the things they did together was pose in some sexy Emporio Armani underwear ads. “We never get a chance to work together and when we do, it’s amazing,” he said. “It was great to work with her on the day.”