The world's oldest living gopher
tortoise is celebrating his 87th birthday Sunday at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax.


Gus will be the centre of attention from
2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

It has not been the quiet life that most tortoises lead. Gus has been
kidnapped and returned twice, been a ring bearer at a wedding and has
met several celebrities since coming to the museum in 1942.


His shell
wears a gentle sheen from being touched by more than a million
children's hands.

Museum manager Janet Maltby is planning a party for Gus and everyone is invited to attend.

"Sunday is a special day. Along with Gus and our staff of naturalists,
we're very happy to host several local turtle species and the
conservationists who help protect them.

"The museum will be showing a live wood turtle and endangered
Blanding's Turtle along with our own painted turtles. Our butterfly
house will be open and full of new rainforest butterflies."

But the highlight is at 3 p.m., when Gus is presented with his birthday
cake and shares it with everyone.


And what kind of cake does an
87-year-old tortoise get? Peanut-free, vanilla cake with icing.

with his usual calm demeanor, will be enjoying strawberries at the same