Warning: You may feel gloomy on Jan. 19. A British psychologist has calculated that this penultimate Monday in January is the worst day of the year, with Christmas over and New Year’s resolutions broken. Call it Blue Monday.

“But Blue Monday is not about getting people to think they’re depressed,” says psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall. “Instead it’s about turning it around to see what you can do to feel better.” There’s a stigma attached to depression, warns Arnall: “We have to get people to talk about this illness or else it will become an epidemic.”

So, this Blue Monday, Jan. 19, here’s what Arnall recommends to keep the misery at bay:
• Think about who’s important in your life. Give them a call and tell them that you love them.
• Have fun. Invite people over for dinner.
• Listen to good music.
• Look at the stars, even at other planets!


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