Bundle of joy comes late, but in time for Jan. 1

Edmonton’s first baby of 2008 could have soccer in his future after his mother gave him the nickname of David Beckham.


“He really loved to kick during the pregnancy and he had a pretty strong leg,” said Lisa Winter, 20, who gave birth to Ethan Ashley Winter-Stempien at 12:15 yesterday morning at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.


Ethan tipped the scales at ten pounds and one ounce and his mother says he held on past his Dec. 21 due date, making him the city’s first baby of the year.


“This is a nice way to start the new year,” said Winter. “This is the best new year I’ve had, and the most painful. Ten pound babies are not fun to push, but it was well worth it.”


“I am so excited — he’s very special,” father Victor Stempien, said, holding baby Ethan in his arms.

But Winter wasn’t in hospital during most of Monday while she was in labour, she admitted. Instead, she went shopping for disposable cameras at Wal-Mart.

“By the time I walked through the door back at home, my water broke, so I turned around and went to the hospital.

“I am probably the only woman in labour who shopped at the Wal-Mart in Kingsway Garden Mall,” she said.


Lots of babysitters

  • This is the first baby for Lisa Winter, but for father Victor Stempien, 48, he’s now a proud father of seven children and three grandchildren.