Playing Capt. Jack Sparrow has been positive for actor Johnny Depp.


Johnny Depp is back on screens worldwide playing the ingenious and adorable Capt. Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End, the third and final instalment in the series of Pirates movies.


Depp, 43, has created a popular character in Sparrow in the last few years, based in one of his biggest idols, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, who also appears in the movie.

Considered on of the most talented actors of our time, Depp will remain in fans’ memories as the FBI agent in Donnie Brasco, the worst movie director ever in Ed Wood or the lonely Edward Sissorhands.

Depp is now in London filming Sweeney Todd, the killer barber (based on the Broadway musical) with his friend and director Tim Burton.

Q: How do you feel after finishing the last Pirates film? Was it a good experience?

A: Even though we have finished the movie months ago, it’s like I’m still immersed in it. I still can’t see it with a little bit of perspective. I loved the experience, even in the worst moments it was positive. It was terrific.

Q: So it was hard at moments?

A: Yes, of course, especially the physical part of the shooting. Not only for me, but for the whole crew. Sometimes, when you are filming in the sea you can be lashed by a storm, and many people on the team felt deeply dizzy.

Q: How was your last day as Capt. Jack Sparrow? Was it an important moment?

A: Yes, it was one of those moments in someone’s life that you try to delay to the latest possible. I remember Gore (Verbinski, the director) telling me: "We’ve got everything, but ... would you like another take?" Of course I said yes, and once we got it I asked him: "Are you sure we don’t have anything left to shoot? Because I don’t want to say goodbye to this guy (Sparrow)." You’ve been that character for so long that saying goodbye is very difficult.

Q: Has that character changed your life?

A: Sure. It was great for me and my children. I will always admire him, despite of the fact it was a pleasure playing him. It was fantastic.

Q: Would you play him again?

A: Well, I know you can never say no, but I don’t think so. If I have the opportunity to be Jack Sparrow again, in the appropriate circumstances and with a good script, at least, I would think about it.

Q: About Keith Richards ...

A: God, He’s incredible. Not only for me, but for the whole crew. It was amazing seeing him arrive at 7:30 or 8:00 and ready for work, and it was a quite strange situation as well. He is such a good professional, all of us were fascinated by him.

Q: How many days did he go to the set?

A: Four or five, I guess. I think he had never done a movie before, but he was really good. He just needed two takes, so I started to call him Richards Two Takes.

Q: When you look back to all the characters you have played in your career, do you find something in common in them?

A: Well, I don’t know. Maybe the connection between them is that all the characters are very special, like in Cry Baby, Edward Sissorhands, Sam in Benny And Joon, Alex in Arizona Dream, or Ed Wood ... yeah! All of them had something special.