An assembly where you get presents insend of a boring lecture? Pretty cool.

Aundre Larrow

With so many people on your holiday list to buy for, thinking what someone you don't even know wants for Christmas is probably the last thing to cross your mind. Not so for STATE Bags, a New York-based brand that makes high-quality backpacks.


Employees from the brand recently surprised the students at Harlem's PS 208 with 200 backpacks and additional goodies for the rest of the student body. The event was part of their "GiveBackPack" initiative, where "PackMen" and "PackWomen" give motivational speeches meant to help the kids believe in themselves and that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to, with enough hard work.


The men and women giving the speeches all came from at-risk neighborhoods, but were able to pull themselves out of their environment and transform their lives. Now, they want to help other kids do the same thing.


Helping someone in need doesn't need to be as grand as giving out 200 backpacks. You can buy a toy for a child in need through Metro's Tony's Metro Magic initiative. Click here for more info.