Many of us don’t think of our backyard, terrace or balcony as an extension of our living space.

Turning your outdoor space into another usable room such as a lounge or dining area is a great way to gain more living space during the warm weather. By following the same decorating rules for your outside room as you would the inside of your home you’ll gain a great amount of extra summer living space. Here’s a few pointers:

Create comforts: Choose furniture styles that would be just as comfy inside the house as out. Chairs, sofas and loungers with removable cushions tend to be comfortable than ones with wicker, resin or wrought iron seats. Use fabrics that are made specifically for outdoor use.


Add lighting: Every room needs a minimum of three types of lighting; overall, task and ambient. Overall lighting for outdoors could be wall hung lanterns or a hanging outdoor pendant light. Task lighting would be an outdoor lamp for reading or lighting up a games table and Ambient lighting simply sets a romantic tone; rope light hidden behind a fence, citronella tea lights or candled lanterns are all simple options.

Add some white noise: If you live in close proximity to neighbours, traffic or city life, then you will want to add some noise control. A trickling fountain or waterfall will help to subtly drown out neighborhood noises; all-weather cordless speakers will help to create some great background sounds.

Create privacy: Use draperies (made of outdoor fabric) to close off the sides of a porch or terrace and adding an awning overhead will enclose your outdoor room to making it feel intimate, cosy and private.

Also note, most large retailers are starting to discount outdoor furnishings and accessories so its a great time to buy.

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