Hater Desk: 'Knock it off!'

In which Metro readers are given a chance to speak their minds.

Welcome to the Hater Desk, our weekly spotlight on the best reader mail Metro receives in a given week.


Today's letter comes from a man named Dwayne, who was upset with Dorothy Robinson's Word column concerning the rumors of Will Smith's homosexuality.


Take it away, Dwayne! [Warning: NSFW language!]


From: dwayne b**** [dwayne******@yahoo.com]

Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2012 4:05 PM

To: Dorothy Robinson

Subject: stupid b*tch

knock it off b*tch listen you got pictures of will smith and duane martin kissing or f***ing i mean all these exotic trips they been on and all the private investigators you have sneaking arounding. what do you have speculation and rumor oh i forgot you are a gossip whore. you know i heard you father was fucking you in the a** since you was five years old why dont you do a exclusive on that. im sure we will find all the proof we need when they swap your mouth for his semem residue. Jada has a series on television so she is never home and when she is not busy she getting busy with marc anthony. Listen cracker dont worry about the brothers and sisters you got enough on you plate you worry about ur cracker super heterosexuals who sleep with women but sucking your father;s c**k on the low like george glooney, rock hudson, richard queer. Just because a man is not spending every min of his life with some dumb b*tch dont mean he is sneaking off somewhere with ur father


go f*** yourself



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