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Hathaway no shoe-in for role in new film

Confidence can be a struggle for anyone, and Anne Hathaway isn’t shy about admitting this.

It goes to show that it doesn’t matter if you’re an Academy Award nominated actress and accomplished thespian, confidence can be a struggle for anyone. Anne Hathaway isn’t shy about admitting this.

“We’re all a mixture of arrogance and insecurity,” she says of actors. “I’m actually not a terribly confident person, I’m just professional.”

Hathaway also readily admits that she was initially rebuffed by director Lone Scherfig when lobbying for the part of Emma Morley in the adaptation of David Nicholls beloved book, One Day.

It depicts the lives of two friends on one day, July 15, of every year for 20 years. Since the characters happen to be British, Hathaway, who is very distinctly all-American, wasn’t having an easy time of it.

“It became a full-frontal assault to get the part,” Hathaway says.

“I was sitting in a club in London trying to explain to Lone why I ought to play Emma Morley and failing miserably. It was the worst meeting I ever had.”

But nonetheless, Hathaway won Scherfig over and embarked on exploring the lives of the two characters, who share a sexual tension along with a close bond of friendship.

Can a straight man and a straight woman be friends?

She seems to think so.

“Yeah, sometimes there’s tension but it needn’t get in the way of the relationship,” she says.

“But I’m not the person to answer this question. I’ve been in a rock solid relationship for three years and I’m a one man woman so I don’t really look at other men that way. I’m terribly boring and loyal and true blue and all that.”

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