Residents of Toronto and Montreal are being encouraged to cheat on their cities this summer, or at least flirt with their rival — and tourism officials are having a little fun with a poll that plays up the affair.

“Because of the longstanding rivalry between Toronto and Montreal, residents often think they’re ‘betraying’ their city if they admit to liking the other,” said Andrew Weir from Tourism Toronto.

“The survey found what we’ve suspected all along — Torontonians cheat with their mistress Montreal all the time, even if they don’t tell people about it. But we want residents to know — it’s OK to kiss and tell!”

The feeling is mutual, although Montrealers are a little more discreet, said Tanya Churchmuch of Tourisme Montreal.

“Even I say it’s OK to cheat with Toronto. In fact, I’m hoping to have a quickie weekend this summer and catch a Jays game and a little shopping,” she said.

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