January can be tough,so identify problems soon

What’s your business’ nagging headache?


As we all roll along into 2007, here are some possible issues to think about:

1. Your most valued employee who runs the show (even though we don’t like to admit that) has built up enough contacts to jettison herself/himself into a competing position and business with your customers.

2. Your suppliers are having a difficult time at this tight end of the year and they are not paying you on time.

3. You have the post-holiday blahs and don’t really care what goes on at work.

4. Your boss is a schmuck (or you’re the boss and you don’t realize you’re the schmuck) and you want to throw in the towel.

5. You have come back to an inbox that is so full, it takes enough time to clear it out that you will not see your family, partner or friends until the snow is gone.

6. Your employee is complaining about not getting a commission that they had absolutely nothing to do with except answering the telephone call.

January is a tough month. Legally, more employees get let go in January than almost any other month. Everyone’s morale is low. Suppliers still have bills to pay and, in a way — thank you to these folks from all of us — some people go out on a limb and do their very best.

Often time, business encouragement and support of employees, suppliers and contacts is the best possible action in this bleak month.

Sometimes, legal advice crosses over into business advice (let’s hope very frequently) and the business relationship you are ready to jettison may turn around next year and be your biggest client. So, by all means, call your lawyer, and discuss your business issue, whatever it is.

If your business lawyer is worth your time and hard-earned money, she/he might just suggest you stay with that troublesome employee, supplier or customer a bit longer to help them through and work together.


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