Today, after putting on my man-pants and taking a man-train into my
man-fice, I man-read an interesting article in the Man-York Times.

In "Spare a Hair Band? A Man Bun to Go," author Phyllis Korkki (a veritable man-thropologist, if you will) dedicates a few bro-ndred words to the newest trend sweeping man-nation: Man-buns!

In certain arty [Brooklyn] neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Bushwick , some men are twisting their long hair into a form more famously worn by librarians, schoolmarms and Katharine Hepburn. But don’t call the male version an up-do or a chignon. Call it a man bun.

[...] The man bun is similar in form to the topknot worn by many women — which is going through its own fashion resurgence — but it is often worn slightly lower on the head.

Once you’ve committed to a man bun, how do you create one? Alexander Kellum, 31, a fine-arts painter and yoga teacher who lives in Williamsburg, bends forward and pulls his long chestnut hair in front of him; then he performs a twisting and wrapping motion until his hair is firmly tucked into a knot at the back of his head. Sometimes he’ll let a little hair poke out for an “abstract expressionist” flourish, he said. A rubber band, a hair band or even a piece of string holds his bun in place.

My man-mind was simply bro-ffled at the implication. Men -- manly men, doing dudely things in a masculine manner! -- putting buns atop their rational male scalps? Perish the man-thought!

What guy-trend will the male men of the Dude-S-A think of next?

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