Working out is child’s play at new youth gym

robin kuniski/for metro calgary


Claudia Ewing-Maine, 9, gets a good climb on the movable climbing wall at the Bulldog Interactive Fitness for Youth.

Kids and parents alike can use the concept as a selling point to each other but a new fitness centre for kids in the city doesn’t need one.

Offering video games attached to fitness machines as the main attraction and adding smaller equipment, a gymnasium and a rock climbing wall, the newly opened Bulldog Interactive Fitness for Youth is a hit.

Stefne Madison, co-owner of the gym that caters to kids between the ages 8 to 15, said the concept originated in Halifax but was fascinating enough for her to open the first of its kind in Calgary.

"It’s been going really well since we opened and we have had such a positive response from parents and kids alike. Word of mouth has been working really well for us," Madison told Metro.

Madison said the grand opening weekend at the end of January attracted more than 200 kids, many of whom go back to the gym every day after school.

Nine-year-old avid climbing wall and Dance, Dance Revolution fan Claudia Ewing-Maine goes to the already popular gym every day.

"My mom thought this would be a good way for me to get a good workout and it is a lot of fun. I like coming here. I feel like I am getting stronger," the youngster told Metro.

Kathryn Sim sends her eight-year-old boy to Bulldog, and she said it couldn’t have opened at a better time with the weather being so cold.

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