While mayoral candidate Bob Hawkesworth has said he’s joining Barb Higgins’s campaign team, this may not impact Higgins’s shot at winning, according to one expert.

The two held a press conference at Higgins’s campaign headquarters yesterday where Hawkesworth announced his support for his former rival.

“I will spend the rest of this campaign volunteering on your campaign committee,” Hawkesworth told Higgins.

“As we’ve talked across the city at various forums, I’ve felt that there’s a real alignment in our policies.”

Higgins said she welcomed the new addition to her team.

“I’ve watched, as many Calgarians have, as Bob has dedicated so much of his life to public service,” she said. “He’s a statesman and that’s what I’ve admired.”

However, the support from Hawkesworth may not impact voters’ opinions, said Lisa Young, a political scientist from the University of Calgary.

“Certainly, in a game where it’s all about who can claim the momentum, it gives her a little sense of momentum,” said Young.

“I don’t think it’s a huge deal one way or another, but it’s certainly not going to do her any harm.”

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