Police have confirmed that Jocko the spider monkey was killed by “blunt force trauma to the head” after intruders broke into the Greater Vancouver Zoo Tuesday night.

The necropsy results revealed yesterday that the monkey died from severe brain hemorrhaging after sustaining a skull fracture on the right side of the head.

Jody Henderson of the Vancouver zoo said that Jocko was either struck by a heavy object, possibly bolt-cutters used during the break-in, or was thrown against the ground or a tree in his enclosure. His mate of 15 years, Mia, who went missing, is believed to have been taken during the break-in.

Police returned to the zoo Wednesday night to further investigate the crime scene.

“We wanted to take a closer look at the cage,” said Cpl. Peter Thiessen of the Langley RCMP. “We’re exhausting every avenue possible.”

No suspects have been identified and police are reaching out to a “very supportive” community that has sent flowers and cards to the zoo.

Henderson is posting pictures of Mia in animal shelters and pet stores and plans to contact local hospitals to find out if anyone has been treated for monkey-related injuries, such as bites.

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