Brace yourself - another major weather system could be heading our way this weekend.

The extended forecast from the National Hurricane Centre shows tropical storm Danny crossing over the Maritimes early Sunday morning. This latest warning comes after hurricane Bill brought heavy rain and strong winds to the region just five days ago.

Environment Canada issued an information statement yesterday about Danny, which is situated north of the Bahamas and packing winds of about 75 kilometres per hour.


“The centre of the path has it checking into the Delta hotel in Saint John Sunday morning at 8 a.m.,” News 95.7 meterologist Richard Zurawski said yesterday. “I think everybody is watching it with bated breath. It’s strengthening. It’s expected to become a hurricane Friday morning.”

If Danny does become a hurricane, Zurawski said forecasts have it staying a Category 1. Bill peaked at Category 4, but was Category 1 when it brushed by Nova Scotia Sunday, bringing between 50 and 60 millimetres of rain and winds of up to 87 km/h.

Zurawski said if Danny's path doesn’t change, “Halifax would get much more wind than rain” because it would be to the right of the storm’s centre.

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