An employee has been fired after “significant accounting irregularities” were found in the books of three Nova Scotia district health authorities.

The Annapolis Valley Health Authority, which also handles payroll and banking for South Shore Health and South West Health, discovered the problem during a routine check.

“One of our staff detected something that didn’t quite look right,” said Annapolis Health CEO Janet Knox.


Officials conducted an investigation and discovered “inappropriate use of funds” that affected all three districts.

As a result of the investigation, one Annapolis Health employee was dismissed, said Knox. Criminal charges are also a possibility.

“We immediately contacted the Kentville Police Services, and they are doing an investigation as we speak,” said Knox.

The three DHAs also want to conduct their own investigation and have already gone to an external group to complete a forensic audit of their books.

Knox said she couldn’t give any information on the scope of the money involved until the audit and police investigation are complete.

“I’m very, very disappointed that this would happen. Our staff work very hard to do the right thing, and when someone interferes with that trust, it’s very hard for all of them and the entire organization,” she said.

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