The Ontario Ministry of Health will investigate an incident in which some have blamed a slow ambulance response for the death of a Toronto man.


The city’s Emergency Medical Services says chief Bruce Farr requested the probe earlier today, and the ministry agreed.


EMS says it will therefore make no further comment about the June 25 incident, in which it’s claimed an ambulance took 30 minutes to respond despite three 911 calls.


Farr told a news conference on Tuesday the city’s current labour disruption was not to blame for a delay in responding to a 911 call about Jim Hearst, who later died of an apparent heart attack.


He said the initial call did not indicate a “life-threatening” situation, and maintained workers responded within the usual time frame for such calls.

Farr said ambulance workers initially were concerned about their own health and safety and police were dispatched, but when they learned Hearst wasn’t breathing the ambulance crew entered the building.