A recent disciplinary hearing against four city police officers has determined they acted reasonably when they strip searched and Tasered a man with cerebral palsy.

Police arrived at 50-year-old Craig Williamson’s downtown apartment in April 2002, following a dispute between him and his landlord. Officers arrested Williamson after learning he had four outstanding warrants.

Upon arriving at the station, he became violent toward two officers who tried to strip search him.

The officers couldn’t control Williamson to complete the search and eventually Tasered him.

They claimed any direct application of force may have seriously injured the 95-pound man.

After complaints were filed against Staff Sgt. Regan James, Const. Kevin Douglas, Const. Scott Innes and Const. Charlene Douglas, a lengthy investigation began.

The decision on the incident was reached in mid-September.

“I have no doubt that there may be a fair bit of surprise over this finding,” hearing officer Mark Logar wrote in the decision.

“As odd as it may sound, applying the Taser in the circumstances ... was the only way to bring Mr. Williamson under control quickly and in the least injurious way.”

Williamson passed away in 2008.

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