One of Heath Ledger’s estranged uncles claims the late actor may have fathered a love child when he was a teenager, according to a report in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.

When he was 17 years old, Ledger reportedly dated a 25-year-old woman — who discovered she was pregnant after the relationship ended and gave birth to baby girl, reports. Although the woman was living with another man at the time, Ledger’s uncle Hadyn claimed to the Telegraph, “There is a very real possibility that Heath was the father.”

The actor — who died in January following an accidental overdose of prescription drugs — had a daughter, Matilda, with actress Michelle Williams. His will, written before Matilda’s birth, left his estate to his parents and three sisters. Although his father, Kim, has promised Williams and the two-year-old “will be taken care of,” the uncertainty surrounding the will has reignited a feud between Kim and his three estranged brothers.

The tensions date back more than 15 years, when Kim was executor of his grandfather Sir Frank Ledger’s $2-million estate.

“It plunged into enormous debt,” said Mike Ledger, one of Kim’s brothers. The brothers claim Kim is not capable of managing the late Oscar nominee’s considerable assets.

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