Heather Mills demanded a six-figure fee to promote a computer game featuring a one-armed hero, femalefirst.co.uk reports.

The charity campaigner — who lost her left leg below the knee in a motorbike accident in 1993 — was asked to front Capcom’s Bionic Commando advertising campaign, but incensed game bosses by asking for the huge sum and requesting her likeness be included in the game.

A source said: “She was insistent she wouldn’t do it for a smaller fee and said the producers should make her the star.

“The request was way, way over their budget and they certainly weren’t keen on basing the game on her.”

Meanwhile, Mills has visited a fellow amputee in hospital following a plea on social networking website Twitter.

A user called crusty1 made a post asking the star: “My cousin has had her foot and part of her leg amputated, I am so sad. Would you visit her hospital in London please?”

Following Mill’s visit, the blogger wrote: “You are a wonderful lady. Simply can’t thank you enough — she is lovely and a very special person who really deserves help. Thank you.”