If you happen to find the bass levels on of Montreal’s newest album False Priest rumbling a lot more than usual, don’t worry. The band’s leader Kevin Barnes specifically wanted to blow up your speakers, your headphones, your mind, and basically whatever else can become a casualty of such heavy bass.

Barnes says the goal was “just to make it have a heavier impact, hit your chest harder than our previous records.” By working with co-producer Jon Brion, Barnes was inspired to jack up the low end to give of Montreal’s tenth album some kick.

“(Jon) was sort of obsessed with the way low end works in the mix and thought the highest highs and the lowest lows (would) create a very broad spectrum sonically. We thought of artists like Dr. Dre and A Tribe Called Quest and how they used it with their record, then came up with our own methods to reproduce that.”

“A lot of records you hear are one dimensional,” Brion says.

“They have one sound and follow the formula of that band. I’ve always tried to get away from any sort of formula.”