Emily Blunt dented her head while shooting her new movie, femalefirst.co.uk reports.

The actress had to wear a crown for her role as late British monarch Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria and the regal headwear has left a permanent impression on her skull.

“The crown has left a dent in my head which they had to cover up with make-up. It was actually remarkably heavy,” she said. Blunt, 26, also revealed she had on-set helpers to remove the weighty headwear in-between takes because it was so uncomfortable to have on.

She added: “Someone would come over to take it off me. It started to wobble soon after you put it on so I had to make all my movements very slow.”

It wasn’t just the crown that caused Blunt discomfort during shooting. The regal cloak she had to don for the part was also a burden on her body. She explained: “The big cloak was like carrying a bear on my shoulders. I was always overheating with all the different layers.”

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