At least one Raptor made it to the NBA Finals. Chris Bosh, the Toronto all-star, spent yesterday interviewing a long list of Celtics and Lakers as a correspondent for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Bosh said his gig was essentially an on-camera job interview for possible future employment with the late-night variety show, the results of which are expected to air tonight. Fans should tune in, if only for the possible historical significance: Who knows how long it will be before the Raptors get similar screen time on U.S. network TV.

“They wanted to see how I would do,” said Bosh of Leno’s people, “so hopefully I do pretty good and it’ll be funny and they’ll invite me back.”

Bosh, along with being the best player in a Toronto uniform for the past few seasons, has carved out a unique niche with his homemade YouTube videos. His turn as a Texas-twanged used-car salesman in a memorable vote-for-me all-star-ballot campaign remains a delight. He said he “might or might not” continue releasing his independent productions this off-season.

Yesterday he engaged in a handful of encounters with his fellow NBAers, swapping hairstyling advice with L.A.’s Sasha Vujacic and suggesting to Derek Fisher that the Lakers wear ’80s-style short-shorts in their best-of-seven series with their retro rivals. Some of Bosh’s work appeared to be improvised. Some of his lines were delivered via cue cards scribbled on the fly by a Tonight Show staffer.

“I like doing it. I like the finished (TV) product, to see how it turns out, the finished piece,” said Bosh.

“I’m just doing one game so far, seeing how that goes. Hopefully everybody in Toronto will watch it.”