If you are cheating, don’t change your patterns, author Elizabeth Sylvince says in How To Cheat And Not Get Caught.


If Bill Clinton had met Elizabeth Sylvince before Monica Lewinsky, perhaps he would only be famed for his presidential clout and not a stained cocktail dress.

But Clinton isn’t the only one who has ever been caught cheating, and for all of them Sylvince has penned her self-published book How To Cheat And Not Get Caught. Yes, you read that correctly; there is an actual guide out there on how to be a better cheater — it’s located right next to the how to be a better person books at Chapters.

Even though we’ve all bent the rules of dating (if such rules even exist) to benefit ourselves, when it comes to cheating, I’m of the staunch moral camp that believes you should simply never partake.

Sylvince, however, has a different take. After being cheated on twice, and catching both guys in the act, she believes infidelity will continue and that as long as it does, it’s best to protect your partner and ensure he or she does not find out about the affair.

“I like to think of my book as a condom,” says Sylvince. “I’m not telling people to go out and cheat on their partners. I’m saying if you’re going to do it, here is how to protect yourself and your partner (from getting hurt).”

Still, I say: If you don’t want to hurt your significant other, don’t cheat.

Sylvince says the biggest indicator that someone is cheating is they stop paying attention to their partners. “In the throes of a relationship, they call back when they say they will and they will be wherever they say they are going to be,” says Sylvince. “If you are cheating, you need to stay attentive to your significant other and don’t change your patterns — like start using a new cologne or change your grooming patterns.”

If the advice in her book doesn’t work, and you are caught being unfaithful, Sylvince suggests owning up to it. “You’ve broken that trust barrier,” she says. “(If you ever hope to get that back), you’d better be as truthful as possible when confronted about the cheating.”

She recommends taking full responsibility for the infidelity and “be ready to put up with a lot of flak from your partner.”

“If your partner asks you to call two times a day, you had better call two times a day,” says Sylvince. The focus then should be on rebuilding the relationship.

That is, of course, if there is a relationship to rebuild.


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