There’s a lot of talk these days about being green or
environmentally-conscious — but what about being “blue?” Water is a
precious resource, so here are some easy water conservation tips for

Stick a brick in it — The back of your toilet that is. Placing a
brick, or a jar filled with water, in the back of the toilet will
reduce the amount of water needed for each flush.

Shorter showers — How much water do you need to be clean? The
average shower uses about 30 litres of water in five minutes, so try to
keep your showers short.

Quit the bottle — Disposable water bottles create thousands of
tonnes of waste every year. Instead, purchase a reusable water bottle
and fill it with filtered tap water. Check out and
join other Canadians that have taken a pledge to “quit” bottled water,
and start making a difference.

Cold water wash — Washing your clothes in cold water saves
energy by not having to heat the water. Purchase an Energy Star
certified washer and save water as well.

A cool drink of water — Craving a glass of cold water? Keep a Brita pitcher in your refrigerator rather than running the water until it gets cool.

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