New site aims to teach men what blooms can do

Website has this advice to offer about the above vignette:?“Flowers in the bath. If you’re a guy who lives alone, there’s a chance that your bathroom doesn’t look as great as this one. Throw a few flowers in there (and clean the toilet!) and you won’t have the bold look of Kohler, but you might convince a visiting female that the joint has a bit of class.” Of the flowers at left, the site notes “hyacinths like the ones pictured are very fragrant. They make the place look good and smell good.”

‘It’s easy for guys to understand flowers. It’s like beer. If one is good, four are fabulous. Don’t just get one lonely flower. Group them together for effect.”

So advises a new website,, which is intended to “show any guy what he needs to know to use flowers to get, keep, impress or redeem himself with women.”

In short, easy-to-understand sentences, the site demystifies the differences between cut and potted flowers, how to keep them alive, and how to use them to “convince a visiting female that (your) joint has a bit of class.”

Created by the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center, the site combines information, illustrations, Flash video demos, common sense and some wit to show why flowers should be major weapons in any man’s struggle to win the affections of the opposite sex.

The site shows the type of guy who might normally discount flower power exactly why and how he should use “nature’s chick magnets to his advantage.” It’s an idea backed up by science.

According to recent research by scientists at Rutgers University, girls not only like flowers, they’re physically and positively affected by a gift of flowers and the effects linger on for days.

“The Rutgers research is proof that flowers are the way to a girl’s heart. But that message isn’t getting through to guys,” says Sally Ferguson, director of the NFBIC.

“Data from the Society of American Florists show that only 22 per cent of flower purchases are made by men. Guys do step up to the plate on Valentine’s Day, when men make more than 60 per cent of floral purchases, but they’re not getting the idea that flowers can be their friend year round. That’s what is about. “

The information focuses on flowers as a bridge to reach women, using real-life scenarios, such as her first visit to his place or a visit to her parents, to illustrate the floral approach to romantic success.

”If we can do our small part to help men communicate with women, that would be a fine thing,” says NFBIC’s Ferguson. “Beyond that, we figure linking flowers with sex undoubtedly will create a surge in green awareness, restore natural balance to the planet and reverse global warming. Or, maybe just a few more people will fall in love with flowers (or with the help of flowers!). That would be good, too!”