Regardless of what time of the school year it is, it can often be difficult to get kids excited about education. Despite the urge to insist children focus primarily on homework, it is important to make sure they are given creative options to ensure they continue to have fun throughout the learning process, or the lustre of learning can be lost.

“I like to remind parents that it is really important to make sure that learning remains interesting and exciting throughout the year,” says author and parenting expert Kathy Buckworth. “This will help to eliminate challenges during nightly homework time and ensure a lifelong love of learning.”

Buckworth recommends looking for learning products such as Leapfrog’s Tag reading system, which is unique in the marketplace. Tag is more appropriate for children ages four to eight and really offers an experience that each child can make their own, whereas Tag Junior allows younger children, ages two to four, to develop an early love of reading.


Leapfrog not only helps children love to learn, but also helps parents understand their children’s learning through the online Learning Path. Parents can hook most of Leapfrog’s products into the free Learning Path service, which lets parents know about what their kids are learning and helps them gauge their learning progression