Jill Hennessy is going from TVs to CDs.

The Edmonton-raised star of Law and Order and Crossing Jordan has announced she will release her debut album later this summer.

Ghost in My Head will be available Aug. 17.

Hennessy is scheduled to perform at the Edmonton Folk Festival earlier in August.

She originally began her career in show business as a musician, moving to Toronto at the age of 17 to play gigs in subways and coffee houses before landing a role in a Broadway musical and pursuing acting.

Last year, she performed on several tour dates with the Indigo Girls and plans to play multiple dates this summer with Lilith Fair.

“Releasing this album in Canada has always been of huge importance to me in that the majority of songs are stories about my life in Canada,” Hennessy said in a statement.

“To have my music resonate, in any way, with a Canadian audience would be an incredible homecoming for me.”