The red carpet is ready to be rolled out at the 10th annual Leo Awards this weekend to celebrate Vancouver’s film and television industry.


Awards’ president Walter Daroshin said that winning a Leo provides artists with a sense of self that creates confidence because “somebody other than you or your immediate family thinks that what you do is pretty good (and) I think that helps people.”


A major benefit to winning a Leo is that it can provide local actors with an opportunity to work in Hollywood.


“One of the requirements for an actor to get a green card to work in the United States is that they have elevated their craft, and that’s evidenced by awards,” said Daroshin.


For David Paperny, local filmmaker and president of Paperny Films, the Leos are a great venue for colleagues to meet, and recognize the creative work that so many pour into the film and television community.

“It’s a great way to continue the networking that’s so important for our industry to survive,” said Paperny, whose latest feature documentary, Confessions of an Innocent Man, is among four of his productions up for awards.

“There is a real value in these nominations,” he said. “It is important recognition for those of us who are nominated of the work that we’re doing.”